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Lobster is the first instant licensing platform for UGC. Run by AI.

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It's 2021, and we feel it's time for something new. We're (almost) ready to come back with an improved Lobster — a platform for content marketers to search and buy licensed UGC from social media.

It will satisfy marketers' hunger for content and give creators the chance to stand out thanks to AI and Machine Learning.

How does Lobster work?

Marketers access authentic content

Our AI discovers the most uncompromised pictures, ranks the quality, and provides you with unique and original content — all automatically licensed!

Creators earn 75% per sale

Connect your social media accounts to Lobster and start selling content — no uploads needed! It's free for creators and makes you 75% per purchase.

Also, you have total control over your privacy: it's easy to select which photos to share in our marketplace.

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We'll announce our product relaunch in the coming weeks!